Often, small groups of people are better able to interact and learn about the Bible than larger groups are. For that reason, First Baptist has small bible studies that meet throughout the Education Building. The size of the group is anywhere from six to forty. At a time, designated by your group, you can participate in the small group study.





Senior Adult Men

60+ Men


This class is men of different ages and backgrounds that come together each week to study the Bible and learn more about God’s love for us.

Senior Adult Ladies

60+ Women


A wonderful group of ladies that studies God’s Word, cares for and supports each other.

Intermediate Adults

Adult Co-ed


This class is made up of adult, single men and women, and couples of various ages. They are men and women who have a thirst for exploring God’s Word and recognizing biblical principles in a person’s daily walk with God.

The Advancer’s

Adult Co-ed


This class is a group of ’60 somethings, mostly retired couples and singles. Many of our group are transplants from all over the country. We care about and minister inside and outside the class through care groups. We take God’s Word seriously and fun doing it.

Pairs & Spares

Adult Co-ed


This class is couples and singles of mixed ages. We use the Masterwork Series which draws you to a deeper level of involvement through daily personal study and weekly group interaction. We seek to have a deeper insight into God’s Word and how it works in our lives.

L.I.F.E. (Living in Faith Everyday)

Adult Co-ed


This class has singles and married couples who have middle school and high school children and have both parents working. We focus on responsibility for one’s faith, accountability to God, and decision making with an eternal focus.

Young Marrieds

Young Adult


This class is designed for young married couples between the ages of 20 and 35 years old. We provide an opportunity for couples to study God’s word together and to develop relationships with other couples in the same stage of life. We participate in at least one study on marriage, and one ministry project each year.

The Navigators

Adult Co-ed


A diverse class by age and life situation that seeks to navigate life being Christ-centered and Christ-directed. They use the topical Bible study and learn to apply God’s Word to our everyday lives.

College-Young Adults

18—24 years


This class is all about encouraging young disciples to make new disciples at their college/university. It provides support and fellowship with others at the same stage of life.

High School

9th -12th Grades


This class is designed to help teenagers grow in their love and knowledge of God, challenge them to learn how to study the Bible on their own and to learn how to put their faith and knowledge of God’s word in action and helping each student learn how to become a fully devoted follower of Christ.

Middle School

6th—8th Grades


This class is an interactive study of the Bible using videos and activities to apply Biblical teachings to the challenges facing our middle school students.

Children III

4th—5th Grades


We teach children God’s word using fun and creative ways such as crafts, games, and dramas that give children examples of how to apply God’s word to their everyday life.

Children II

2nd—3rd Grades


This class teaches children about the Bible, the love of God, and how to apply it to their lives.

Children I

K5—1st Grade


This class introduces children to the Bible. We use games, crafts, music and art to help them connect biblical themes to their everyday experiences.


3—4 yrs


This class is designed to show children the love of Jesus and to plant seeds of faith. They study basic fundamental truths from the Bible using stories, activities, crafts and games to enhance the lesson.

Two-year olds

24 mo—35 mo


This class utilizes a short video lesson followed by crafts, music, and snacks to introduce children to the love of Jesus Christ.

Nursery (S.S.)

Birth—23 months


Your infant and/or toddler will be welcomed to a joy-filled loving space where they love to be and want to return to. Our goal is to serve you and care for your precious child with music, snacks, toys, bubbles, books, and puzzles.