2021 Commitments Challenge

Generosity Challenge:

Give 21% or more of your stimulus payment toward missions, benevolence, or someone you know who is in need. For instance:
  • You can give to the new Bags of Hope Fund.
  • You can give to our Deacon Benevolence Fund to help the deacons serve families in our church.
  • You can simply increase your tithe to FBCS from your stimulus payment from 10% to 21%.
  • You can give to our Missions Fund, which helps send our members on mission trips, such as to Romania.
  • Or, you can give directly to someone you know personally who is in need.
And God may put another way to be generous on your heart! As God has blessed you, bless others! Will you accept the 2021 Generosity Challenge! Let’s go a step further to help those in need!

21 Days, 21 Way to Pray Challenge:

Our next challenge begins February 1: “The 21 Days, 21 Ways to Pray Challenge.” We’ve created 21 suggested areas to focus your prayers with companion scriptures that you can use in your quiet time each day from February 1 to February 21. If we do this together, we can know that we are all focused on the same prayers and reading the same scriptures on each of these 21 days! It is also a great way to jump start your quiet time and Bible study if you need to! Remember, you can commit to all, some, or none of these challenges! We just want to help you grow in the Lord at the start of 2021!

21 Chapters in 2021 Bible Challenge:

Starting March 1, you can participate in the 21 Chapters in 2021 Bible Challenge. We will commit together to reading the same chapters in the Bible over the next 21 weeks, one chapter each week. For instance, you can add this to your quiet time, do it another time during the day, or read the chapters together as a family. Here are the 21 chapters for this challenge:

1) 1 John (5 chapters)   1 John Study Guide
Weeks of March 1- April 4

2) Philemon (1 chapter) Philemon Study Guide
Week of April 5

3) Psalm 23 (1 chapter) – Psalm 23 Study Guide
Week of April 12

4) Psalm 51 (1 chapter) – Psalm 51 Study Guide
Week of April 19
5) Jonah (4 chapters) – Jonah Study Guide, Jonah Study Guide Continued
Weeks of April 26-May 23

6) Malachi (4 chapters)
Weeks of May 24-June 20
7) Philippians (4 chapters)
Weeks of June 21-July 18
8) Proverbs 1 (1 chapter)
Week of July 19

Study guides will be added to complement your reading as we go!


Check Back for More Information on the Other Challenges as They Are Announced.