Fingerprints of God (Women Only)


Wednesdays at 6pm | Dinner at 5:30pm

Starts March 11, 2020


Led by Phyllis Turnage

The God who raised mountains and set the mighty waves in motion wants you to feel His tender touch. While not skin-on-skin or 98.6 degrees, God’s touch is always personal. Author, speaker and recording artist Jennifer Rothschild understands that God guides us on pathways we cannot navigate alone. God’s essential touch separates us from all other created beings. His touch warms, affirms, and guides us; it communicates value and self-esteem.
Fingerprints of God: Recognizing God’s Touch on Your Life teaches us to recognize six things we can experience because of God’s touch: honor, intimacy, shelter, guidance, redemption, and refinement.
Study lasts for six weeks. Optional workbook is available for $15.

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