Wednesdays at 6pm | Dinner at 5:30pm

Starts January 8, 2020

Led by Doug & Gail Ward
Solutions to sticky situations in your marriage.
Love is what gets us married but grace is what keeps us married because love grows weary, stale, bruised and even bitter from all the challenges that are inevitable to any marriage. 
Grace helps us to forgive our spouse and our self. It keeps us grateful for each other even when all the image props fall away. And when life kicks us in the gut, grace keeps us on the same team. 
The Grace Filled Marriage Part 2 Video Study picks up where Part 1 left off with its foundational teaching on how to make grace the active ingredient of your marriage. 
No matter what shape your marriage is in, this study is for you. Grace makes a good marriage better, more fun, more of a picture of Christ and the church. And better than any other solution, grace rescues a marriage when it’s in trouble.
You’ll love the Grace Filled Marriage Part 2 Video Study as you and other couples dig deeper and discuss hot topics including: 
• Giving Grace its Rightful Place
• Fighting Graciously
• A Grace Filled Money Makeover
• Grace Filled Generosity
• In-laws and Outlaws 
• Caution: Kids can be Dangerous to Your Marriage
• Dealing with the Ghosts in your Bed
• The Legacy of Your Marriage
Optional workbook is available for $15.