Message: “Part 6, “Trust the Man on the Middle Cross”” from Pastor Bob

Pastor Bob - November 4, 2020

Part 8: “Q/A- Leadership, the Election, and the Bible” continued

Final Question: “I know the Bible condemns adultery, but does it say we are supposed to hold our politicians to a higher standard? Or do they abuse their power and feel like they can do whatever they want because they are ‘above the law’? In the Bible, many leaders/rulers were evil and corrupt and sinful and committed adultery---” I. Leadership Includes Expectations Prov. 31:1-9 II. Leaders Are Held to a Higher Standard Prov. 28:12 Prov. 29:2 Prov. 16:12 Prov. 8:15-16 Psalm 72:2 III. Leaders are Ultimately Accountable to God

From Series: "Christians in the Chaos: Living for Christ in a Hostile Culture"

Hear what the Bible says about the growing hostility in our culture, how to recognize signs of the end times, and how to faithfully live for Christ in times like this.

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