FBCS encourages giving to support church sponsored mission trips.  Each individual that is going on a mission trip is responsible for raising a percentage of the total cost of the team’s trip.  In an effort to help team members raise support and donors to receive maximum benefit, we have created the following procedures on giving to mission trips.
Tax-Deductible Contributions
According to IRS Publication 526 on Charitable Contributions, a contribution designated for a specific person is considered a gift  and should NOT be listed on a donor’s contribution statement.  However, by completing and returning a Mission Trip Donation Form in its entirety with your donation, you are indicating that your donation is for the benefit of the team and not a specific person which will then allow this donation to be considered a tax-deductible contribution on your contribution statement.
Summary of Steps to Receive Contribution Statement
  1. Fill out Mission Trip Donation Form in its entirety
    2. Make check payable to “FBCS”
    3. Do not write the individual’s name on the check
    4. Submit the completed form along with the check
Non Tax-Deductible Contributions
If we do not receive a Mission Trip Donation Form with your donation, we will understand that you wish to make your donation a  gift, and you will not receive a contribution statement for tax purposes. If this is the case, we ask that you please write the individual’s name as well as the trip name in the memo section of your check.
Summary of Steps If You Do NOT Wish to Receive Contribution Statement
  1. Make check payable to “FBCS”
  2. Write the individual’s name and trip on the check
  3. Submit the check