Message: “Part 4, “God and Government: When Is It Okay to Disobey?”” from Pastor Bob

Pastor Bob - November 4, 2020

Part 8: “Q/A- Leadership, the Election, and the Bible” continued

Final Question: “I know the Bible condemns adultery, but does it say we are supposed to hold our politicians to a higher standard? Or do they abuse their power and feel like they can do whatever they want because they are ‘above the law’? In the Bible, many leaders/rulers were evil and corrupt and sinful and committed adultery---” I. Leadership Includes Expectations Prov. 31:1-9 II. Leaders Are Held to a Higher Standard Prov. 28:12 Prov. 29:2 Prov. 16:12 Prov. 8:15-16 Psalm 72:2 III. Leaders are Ultimately Accountable to God

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