Message: “Part 6, “Trust the Man on the Middle Cross”” from Pastor Bob

Pastor Bob - September 2, 2020

Part 7, “Speaking to the Chaos”

Question of the night: Based on Matt 12:36 Q: “If scripture teaches that our sins are forgiven to be remembered no more and to be removed as far as the East is from the west, how is it we are then accountable for every word that proceeds from our mouths?” Matt. 12:33-37 Luke 7:21-23 Romans 10:9-10 James 3:9-10 The Bible condemns four practices with your words: Angry words Corrupt words Cruel words False words The Bible encourages eight practices with your words: 1. Be gracious. Col. 4:6. 2. Be precise. Prov. 13:3, Matt. 5:37 3. Be encouraging. Prov. 16:24 4. Be clean Col. 3:8 5. Be patient Prov. 19:11, 21:23 6. Be inspiring Prov. 25:11 7. Be wise James 3:13 8. Be truthful Prov. 12:19 Eph. 4:25

Scripture References: Matthew 12:33-37

From Series: "Christians in the Chaos: Biblical Responses to the Crisis in Our Culture"

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