What Is God’s Will?

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Knowing and doing God’s will reflects a right relationship with God. There are five myths about God’s will in your life:
  1. God’s will is hidden and I cannot find it. (Myth buster: John 8:28-29)
  2. God’s will is exclusive and I cannot know it. (Myth buster: Eph. 5:17)
  3. God’s will is restrictive and I cannot enjoy it. (Myth buster: 1 Tim. 6:17)
  4. God’s will is behind me and I cannot retrieve it. (Myth buster: Jer. 29:11)
  5. God’s will is hard and I cannot do it. (Myth buster: Matt. 11:29-30)
Scripture teaches us the truth about God’s sovereign, standard and special will.